Calamari salad

1 Packet Lettuce 
2 x Granadilla (or Pulp) 
100ml White wine vinegar 
50 ml Extra Virgin Olive Oil 
250 g Cocktail Tomatoes 
Various garden peppers – red, green & yellow 

15 ml Fresh Fennel 
1 Lemon cut into wedges 
Fresh Lemon Juice for Calamari 
1 Kg Calamari strips 
6 Radishes / sliced 
10ml butter 
15 ml Ina Paarman Cajun Spice 
Put a pan on the stove until hot, place butter, calamari, 15 ml fennel inside pan. 
Drizzle lemon juice & Cajun spice over calamari until well cooked and serve.

Vinaigrette /Reduction

2 x Granadillas/ Pulp 
10ml castor sugar 
100ml white wine vinegar 
50ml extra virgin olive oil.

(Serves 6)