The explosion of colour during the Spring time “flower season” in the Western parts of South Africa,  have for many decades been one of the most popular tourist options in the country.  Thousands of local and international visitors plan their trips to the Western and Northern Cape around the months of August-October, in the hope to experience this natural phenomenon.


Namaqualand is home to around 4000 plant species – each with its own habitat requirements.  The seed of many of these arid region plants can lie dormant for years, awaiting just the right conditions to germinate. 


With the good rains recently,  the Naries team hopes for a spectacular display this year! Naries Namakwa Retreat is situated near Springbok in the Northern Cape and is therefore right in the middle of the area where this annual kaleidoscope of colour occurs.   


·         Visit and book a tour before you arrive with one of our approved operators to ensure you get the best out of your visit.  They are always aware of local conditions and where the best flowers are at the moment,  and can make your trip so much more rewarding.

·         The team are happy to prepare picnic baskets or lunch packs to take along with you when exploring the region.  Bookings:

·         Whilst based at Naries,  you are welcome to enjoy our walking routes or use your mountain bikes to explore this arid landscape.

·         However guests always comment that they discovered so much more about the unique fauna and flora of Namaqualand if they did the walks with one of our trained local tour guides,  Fabian or Eon.  They have extensive knowledge of the region and love sharing their love of the land with visitors.

·         With accommodation ranging from family-orientated self-catering cottages to luxury Manor House suites and the three unique Mountain Lodges,  visitors to Naries often find themselves living right in the middle of the annual floral display when at the Retreat.

·         Naries is also known for its traditional warm Namakwa hospitality and the highly rated breakfasts and dinners in the dining room, which is included in the price of the Manor House and Mountain Lodge accommodation packages.


Plan your trip for this year’s floral display now as accommodation gets fully booked very quickly once winter ends.  Contact Susan at or +27 21 870-1080 to find out more about costs, availability and options.



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Eon Bok is perfectly placed to share his love of nature and Namaqualand with visitors to Naries Namakwa Retreat as he is born and bred in the Northern Cape.   

“I grew up in the area and we had total freedom as kids to roam and play in the veld.  I thought I had a pretty good knowledge of the local plants and wildlife,” he says.  “Only when I started studying through Open Africa to become a Nature Guide did I realise how much there is to learn still!”

Eon came to Naries initially to assist with the building process of the Gemsbok Lapa and now the selfsame Lapa is his “kingdom” where he shares his knowledge with visitors through an interactive  presentation about Naries and  its history a well as the rich plant life and  the geographic  aspects of the region.  

“In 2016 I had the opportunity to join a tourism intern programme run by Open Africa. The programme was designed to give participants multi-faceted exposure and experience in tourism, so I spent some time learning the ropes at reception, housekeeping, kitchen and general maintenance. Then came my opportunity to train as a guide under the helpful eye of my mentor Jeanene Jessnitz. My training is both theoretical and practical. The first 10 months I felt completely overwhelmed by all the things I had to learn. I am still in training but I am comfortable with my position which ranges from interaction with clients to continuous research, monitoring and maintenance of the environment,” Eon explains. 

His scariest moment was the first time he had to take 10 foreign guests on the Trail Walk up to the Viewpoint.  “I decided the best thing to do was to tell them that this was the first time I had to handle such a big group, and to invite them to give me feedback and comments on the experience. This worked out well as they gave wonderful input and loved being part of my journey,” he said.

Although Eon still  needs to complete the further official Field Guide Course, he is already a valuable  part of the team at Naries. As a father of a 9 year old boy and 5 year  old daughter and happily married to Georgina, he seems set for further growth.


·        -  There are 4 Walking Trails at Naries ranging from 5 km’s to a combined 15 km’s if visitors are fit enough to tackle all the trails in one go!

·       - If Eon is available, guests are welcome to pre-book a walk with him, which is obviously a lot more informative and interactive than doing  it on your own.

·        -  However, if not available, Eon recommends the self-guided walk, which is easy to do with the free map handed out at reception.

·       - Visitors are welcome to discover Naries on their mountain bikes, although they are asked not to veer off the existing roads so as not to damage the fragile eco-systems and plant life. 



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Calamari salad

1 Packet Lettuce 
2 x Granadilla (or Pulp) 
100ml White wine vinegar 
50 ml Extra Virgin Olive Oil 
250 g Cocktail Tomatoes 
Various garden peppers – red, green & yellow 

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