Namakwaland flowers


Please note: Our flower season is determined by the amount and timing of winter rains and is thus extremely difficult to predict in advance. As a rule of thumb, our high (flower) season takes place each year in August, September & October. 

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Every year Namakwaland hosts the greatest show on earth! In this period Nature shakes off winter's bite and bursts into song, covering our vast desert spaces with flamboyant symphonies of floral splendour.

The land of the Nama is the Creator's playground, a kingdom of contrasts where dry lands are transformed into a kaleidoscope of brilliant colour in spring.  Daisies, perennial herbs, lilies, succulents, aloes and a host of other species create a tapestry of indigenous spring flowers which are unparalleled anywhere. About 4000 species of plants grow here.  Seeds of these flowers have the ability to lie dormant for a number of seasons awaiting conditions suitable for germination.

For this reason, no two flower-visits are identical and it becomes exciting to hunt for the ever changing flower displays in different places on each successive visit.

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