Fast Facts

What's the meaning of the name Naries?

“Naries” is a Nama word (indigenous people of this region), meaning “place where the reeds grow”. No one is quite sure of the exact location of these reeds, but it is believed to have been in one of the many non-perennial riverbeds to the east of the farmhouse.

Where does Naries’ water come from?

Water is retrieved from 3 boreholes by means of wind, solar and electrical pumps. Backup water is tapped from a main supply line 4, 3 km away, supplying water to the mining town of Kleinzee. By the time this water arrives at Naries, it has traveled some 150 km from the Orange River!

Please use water sparingly as Naries is located in a desert area

Why do we call Naries a “retreat”?

Naries is an oasis for your soul. The isolation offers serenity, clear skies and quiet nights. Breathe the freshest air… eat the best food surrounded only by sounds of nature… engage in a variety of recreational activities and simply feel yourself relaxing!

This is the reason you will not find a television in your room.

Do you farm here?

Many decades of overgrazing and unscientific methods of farming had left its scars on the soil and vegetation of Naries. To allow for its recovery and the resettlement of some of the more delicate species of plants, all commercial goat farming was stopped and a program to re-establish indigenous antelope started some years later in 1999. Today Naries, although still in the midst of a process of rehabilitation, is host to some 150 Springbok; 30 Oryx and a number of Klipspringer. Plans are underway to bring back the Zebra which once roamed these hills.The harsh and barren landscape of the Namaqualand Klipkoppe(rocky hills) habitat does not lend itself to accommodating vast herds of large game. Instead it is a treasure chest of endemic plant species and a paradise for smaller but equally fascinating creatures. Look out for the myriad of beautifully coloured beetles,the long-tongued flies, butterflies and even the little mice who all play a vital role in pollinating our unique floral biodiversity.

What mining takes place in this area?

Naries finds itself on the border between the diamond and copper mining regions of Namaqualand. Until recently (2004), the lights of Nigramoep copper mine could be seen to the north of the viewpoint at night. The lights of Kleinzee diamond mine are still visible to the west. Kleinzee is open to visitors.(Ask management for details).

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